Génome Québec allocates $ 1,9 M to the OPTITHERA project.

Génome Québec is particularly proud of the performance of Québec teams in a pan-Canadian competition. Over $23 million will be invested in genomics in Québec, including $5.4 million through Génome Québec. In fact, 49% of the available Canadian envelope was allocated to Québec projects. These investments will accelerate the commercialization and increase its real-world applications.

Innove-Action Conference @CHUM

Session on advances in personalized #medicine to improve prevention and treatment of chronic diseases. #innoveaction #chum #InnoveActionCHUM 

Polygenic risk: What’s the score?

Researchers are improving risk prediction for common chronic diseases using genetic data. These ‘polygenic risk scores’ can help personalize preventive measures and could soon become part of routine healthcare practice, once some limitations are overcome. Need more information about this research?

Polygenic risk scores predict diabetic complications and their response to therapy

Type 2 diabetes increases the risk of cardiovascular and renal complications, but early risk prediction can lead to timely intervention and better outcomes. Through summary statistics of meta-analyses of published genome-wide association studies performed in over 1.2 million of individuals, we combined 9 PRS gathering genomic variants associated to cardiovascular and renal diseases and their […]